Meet Mattheu

A short introduction into my story and my trading strategies.
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About Me

Early Life

Early Life

I was born and raised in London, with the privilege of going to good schools and university. I chose to study business management (with the intention of starting a business), and really enjoyed my time there.  I chose to “major” in marketing, although it was hard to chose between marketing and sustainability.

During my education I was also fortunate enough to embark on a 10 year career in motorsport. I learnt a lot during these years, and with reflection, similarities can be drawn with trading. You go to arace weekend with mixed emotions. You love what you do, but you have to perform. Not for sponsors, nor your supporters, but for yourself. I grew upwith a brother of similar age, and we both used to compete for everything. I believe that is what led to my competitive nature. You’re not satisfied anywhere but the front end of the grid. Crypto investing/trading can be similar for me. Its high pressure because your stakes are real, and its only worth it if you’re winning.

Later Life

After university I travelled, took part in different racing series (before retiring), worked at a small book publishing business, and finally landed a property sales role in Central London.

Fast forward.

I decided to make a change and move to another country that offered the lifestyleI was looking for. Having frequently holidayed in SA, Cape Town, I decided to leave the property market, and make the move to CT on a modelling visa.

What led me to Finance and Crypto?

In 2019 the storage facility where I chose to leave my belongings was destroyed by a fire. The insurance pay out gave methe disposable income to invest in the crypto market. Without this event I would have never got involved in the space.

Covid lockdowns allowed me to delve deeper into the finance and trading space and further education helped me increase my knowledge and understanding.

What I love about crypto and finance?

The diversity of the crypto space allows individuals to pursue so many avenues of trading, all from the comfort of their homes. All you need is some tech to get started (and a little capital obviously).

You can choose how much time you want to allocate to your trading, from long term hodl portfolios, to intra day trading.

I can’t see better investment channels with regard to gains and fun. I love the diversity of tech that is available. Innovation and new ideas popping up everywhere. I don’t see blockchain tech going anywhere, and only growing bigger in the years ahead.

Portfolio Allocation:

Trading Portfolio (45%): I use this portfolio to swing trade specific assets.
Hodl Portfolio (40%): I have a desired amount of a select few assets that I believe will do very well with the incoming bull run.
NFTs (15%): Having invested a lotinto the space, I am holding a select group of projects that
I believe shoulddo well when NFTs come back to life.

Trading Achievements & Setbacks:

  • Biggest Win: 2021, Shiba Inu $1,000 -  $35K.
  • Biggest Loss: UST collapse - 25k USD.

Favorite Trading Indicators

Fibonacci Retracement: This is a favorite tool for many traders. By connecting a significant price swing's high and low, the tool provides potential support and resistance levels based on the Fibonacci sequence. These levels are often watched by many traders, so they can act as self-fulfilling prophecies.

Fixed Volume Profile: (or Fixed Volume Pull): This tool is crucial for identifying the price levels at which the most trading activity has occurred over a specified period. It helps traders see where the majority of volume has traded and can provide insights into potential areas of support and resistance.


TheEMA is commonly used in technical analysis to identify trends over a specific number of periods, with shorter-term EMAs being more reactive to price changes than longer-term EMAs.
I personally like the 200,100 and 50 EMAs.

“Thereis nothing new in Wall Street. There can't be because speculation is as old asthe hills. Whatever happens in the stock market today has happened before andwill happen again.” Edwin Lefèvre - "Reminiscences of a StockOperator"
This quote emphasizes the cyclical nature of markets and the importance of studying market history. It suggests that while the players, technology, and specific circumstances might change, the fundamental human emotions and reactions that drive market movements remain constant. This perspective encourages traders to learn from the past to predict and navigate future market events.
MattyD -Trader
Full-time crypto degen. 4 wild years with epic highs and epic lows. Made a lot. Lost a lot. Here to help you dodge the bullets that hit me first time round.
Ready andloaded for the next bull run.
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 My story

Biggest Lessons Learnt

Spread your investment strategies.

Splitup your portfolio investment strategies. I day traded too many alts that wenton to perform 50-100x gains. I would have made much better gains if I just heldthe assets over time.

Never deviate from your trading plan. 

Neverrisk more than 3% of your portfolio on any given cfd trade.Trading eth, 2 years ago, I took a cfd long position, and then proceeded to lower mystop, until I was liquidated.

Mix your portfolio between a few differentcentralised and decentralised platforms. It means you have more passwords, butif any of them experience issues then you won’t lose everything.

UST/Luna Collapse. In 2022 the algorithmic balancing act between Luna’s native token terra luna, and their stable coincalled UST collapsed. I made the mistake of lumping all

Take profits out of crypo.

I  learnt that it’s very bad practice for me to leave profits on exchanges in stable coins,as I end up just putting the profit back into the market. I made the mistake,along with a million other people in thinking BTC was going to 100k. Sadly itnever happened. Keep your estimates conservative.