Gain the necessary skillset to become independent through trading in the decentralized finance space.

A leading 4-week cohort course, curated by experts with extensive experience. Get to know the leading strategies and tools by applying them in the practical setting while learning aside other dedicated peers.

Are interested in financial markets?

Broaden your horizons by engaging with new concepts and learning how to apply them for your benefit.

Do you want to profit from the DeFi market growth?

DeFi is projected to grow to 230Bilion till 2030, this means you can hop on this train and secure your finances with a good investment.

Do you want to grow your personal finances?

Gain the essential financial knowledge and skills to successfully navigate and profit from the opportunities in the financial markets.

Our curriculum covers every step
from setting a foundation to trading independetly

Skip the guessing game with our step-by-step tutorials and battle-tested framework. Download the 9-page curriculum with all the details.
Trading Essentials

Strong Foundation for DeFi Trading

Learn the basics of trading, security in DeFi, tokenomics, and common terminology. Check your knowledge with homeworks and assignments
Fundamental Analysis

Necessary tools and skills

Explore crucial trading tools, platforms, and analysis techniques. Gain practical experience with demo accounts, and participate in mock trades.
Trader discussing a price behaviour of a token
Risk Management

Trade Plans and Analysis Mastery

Dive deep into strategy formation, analysis proficiency, and trade execution
Security Awareness

Real Trading Scenarios and Asset Acquirement

Practical application, refining your trading plan, and securing a funded account

Guided by DeFi Veterans: Crafting Success with Expert Guidance

Leverage our deep-rooted expertise to navigate the vibrant and rewarding world of DeFi
Collectively Over 20+ Years of Experience in the DeFi Space
Gain firsthand knowledge from experts who have flourished in this space for over two decades
A Legacy of Proven Success Strategies
Benefit from a curriculum distilled from years of practical experience
Frequent Interactions

Daily Support & Community Access

Get daily support with direct access to instructors on our dedicated server, fostering networking opportunities with industry professionals and experts.

Learn Market Leading Tools To Boost Results

Engage with real-time tools based on current market conditions, enhancing your understanding of the DeFi trading landscape and risk management techniques.
Practical Learning

Verify Progress
With Frequent Assignments

Engage in hands-on assignments, live trading sessions, and benefit from constant mentor and expert reviews, ensuring your trading strategies are sharpened in real-market conditions.

Start Learning Now

Let us show you how DeFi can help propel your career to new heights.
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What happens after you join the course?

A step by step overview of each stage in your journey.
Join Edgeframe

It’s really simple and risk-free. In fact we offer a 7 days guarantee. If you won’t be happy with the education we are providing you will get a 100% refund.

Outline Your Goals

Upon enrollment, you'll evaluate your current proficiency level and specify your trading goals.

Master Trading Strategies

You learn the Core elements of Trading that will help you kickstart your journey.

Practice and Simulation

Apply your knowledge in practice and get some real time action to get used to the market moves.

Get Funded

Aquire a Funded account to start trade with a bigger capital, start earning real money and train on not your capital


Numerous Additional Beneftis

Enjoy a wide range of extra value.

Lifetime Access to learning materials

Secure lifetime access to course materials, ensuring you're always at the forefront of DeFi trading knowledge and strategies.

Post-Cohort Roadmap Learning Plan

Receive a tailored growth plan after the cohort, setting the stage for continuous advancement in the DeFi and blockchain industries.

Expert Sessions with Guest Speakers

Benefit from live sessions, guest speakers, and a practical approach using the cohort learning method, ensuring hands-on experience with DeFi and blockchain technology.

Transparent pricing with a satisfaction guarantee and no hidden surprises. Last Chance -40%.

Pricing plans for every stage of your trading journey. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

DeFi Workshop

Free Forever
2 h of content
11 lessons
Practical Assignment
2 experts
Live support on our Discord
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Last Chance -40%

4 Week Cohort Course starting on the 5th of December
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Case studies analyzing specific trades
Access to Knwledge Database
4 Speakers
Discord Community Access
Regular feedback sessions for personal growth
Lifetime access to learning materials
17 Topic Areas
21 Assesments
16 hours of live Sessions
Daily Support from trading experts
54 Hours of total learing
Certification of Completion
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?
The course will start at the beginning of december.
Who is this programme for?
This is a programme for beginner or early-stage indiviudals who want to better understand the decentralized finance space and benefit from the current financial market transformation that is happening. It is also suitable for current traders who want to get into DeFi.
Why should I trust that I will be able to reach these results with you?
Your confidence in achieving results with us is backed by: Expert Instructors: With over 20 years of collective experience in the financial markets. Practical Training: Hands-on assignments, live trading sessions, and continuous mentor feedback.Globally Attuned Content: Thanks to our diverse team and esteemed academic collaborators.
Do I need this programme?
Whether you need this program depends on your goals and where you currently stand in your trading journey. Here's what our program offers:For Beginners: If you're new to DeFi trading, our curriculum provides a comprehensive foundation, merging traditional financial market insights with the DeFi landscape. For Seasoned Traders: If you're an experienced trader, our program offers advanced strategies, hands-on live sessions, and mentor reviews to sharpen your edge. Practical Emphasis: We stress real-world application, equipping you with tools and strategies tested in actual market conditions. Holistic Knowledge: Beyond trading, you'll grasp the convergence of blockchain, DeFi, and global financial trends. Network Opportunities: Engage with top-tier academicians, experts, and a diverse cohort.If you aim to be at the forefront of the trading world, especially in DeFi, and wish to elevate your strategies with expert guidance, then this program is crafted for your success.
What Will I learn in this programme?
Understand DeFi Fundamentals: Delve into decentralized finance trading.Practice Real Trading: Engage in live sessions and hands-on assignments.Craft Strategies: Learn from real-world scenarios to optimize trading. Manage Risk: Master techniques for safer trading decisions. Connect with Experts: Network with professionals from the DeFi space. You'll be primed for success in DeFi trading.
Who is the instructor?
Matt Draper - Defi Trader & Investor. Been in the crypto space since 2019. Lived/Worked 1 full bull and bear cycle. To learn take a look at his profile on our website.
Size of the cohort? Will I have direct access to the instructor?
Size of each group will not exceed 30 people. We make sure learners have direct access to the experts and to the support provided.
Is there a certificate of completion?
Yes, at the end we do provide a certificate of completion. It is conditional on passing all assignments. It is possible to complete all assignments up to 2 month after the last day of the course.
What if I am not satisfied? Is there a guarantee? - Refund Policy
Yes, we offer a 7 days guarantee. If you are not satisfied or your plans change we return 100% of the course fee up to 7 days after the couse starts.
How much time should allocate per week?
You should allocate at least 7 hours per week in order to follow the curriculum, however we do recommed 12 hours to fully benefit from the course as there are multiple opportunites to broaden your knowledge by interacting with the additional course material and the experts.
What happens after the course ends?
After the course ends you will be able to derive full value from the course offer. Firstly, there are 2 additional months to finish the assignments meaning that you will be able to complete them whenever you are able to. Thanks to that we make sure that you can get the certificate after the course ends. Secondly, you have lifetime access to the materials so that you can come back to them whenever you want to refresh your knowledge. Thirdly, you will receive a growth plan for your learning after the course.

Begin your trading journey today

Let us show you how DeFi can help propel your career to new heights.
Rated 4.97/5 from over 600 reviews.